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Mrudula Furniture World has enormous range of various furniture enhancing every type of ambience and atmosphere. Effective selection from our wide variety of products will redefine the personality of your room. We offer furniture specially designed for home, offices, hotels and educational institutions, apart from the regular range of all-purpose furniture.

Home Furniture

Home is a place we relax and enjoy with our family. Mrudula Furniture World offers the finest bedroom furniture including cots and mattress, dressing tables, wardrobe, comfort chairs etc. making your life easy and cozy. A rich variety of sofa set, coffee table set, dining table set etc also are available in stylish designs adding elegance to your home. Television Stand units of trendy designs, redefining the space and mood of your drawing room, are also available for attractive prices.

Office Furniture

Exquisitely finished professional-looking office furniture of copious designs is offered at our shop. Executive tables & chairs, computer tables and chairs, file racks, bookshelves etc are just some of the various products that are offered.

Hotel Furniture

We have arranged one of the best collections of highly stylized hotel furniture of designs ranging from cool- trendy-contemporary looks to classic-traditional looks at attractive prices. Tables and chairs specifically designed for hotels, reception chairs, bar stools of various fashion, parlour chairs, conference room chairs etc are some of the attractive products we offer for enhancing your hotel’s mood

School and College Furniture

Academic institutions demand a neat clear atmosphere and we help you to achieve it through our exclusive range of school and college furniture. Study tables, chairs, book shelves, whole moulded stands, notice boards, display boards etc of versatile designs are offered to enhance your academic mood. Neatly designed study tables, computer tables and chairs, shelves, cupboards etc. for you children’s study room also are offered at affordable prices.